Vinyl Collection

I have always been a music lover and…well, maybe even a bit of a music snob. When all my friends were listening to Country in elementary school, I was listening to Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis on out local oldies station, 100.7. When my contemporaries tapped their toes to Top 40 in middle school, I was discovering Zeppelin and the Beatles on 106.1 RDU.

Christmas of 2012 was an exciting holiday for me, as I received a vintage turntable from my uncle, who has a collection of over 1,000 vinyl records. Along with the endowment of the turntable, I received 50 LPs of my choice from his collection. Thus began my obsession with vinyl records. I now own over 300 LPs and 45s, ranging from mid-Fifties Sinatra albums to the 2014 signed re-release of Kiss Kiss’ iconic album.

View my collection here

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